All Kart is one of the most recognized names in the kart world. The brand was born in 1972 from the hands and wish of Molinari's brothers. Alessandro Fenini, a huge fan of this sport, immediately tried to become an All Kart driver, but the deal with the new company was not finalized. Therefore he waits and 2 years later goes back to the All Kart owners willing to become a manufacturer. So he takes the brand over, starting a path that will bring All Kart to the top of the world of karting.
This path had his basement in Podenzano, nearby Piacenza. Here the first chassis were built in a huge building and later had to go through the most difficult test for every frame: the track. Then the production of the first karts started, together with the design of the historical logo and a few years of regional races. The first good performance in races increased every day the feeling that All Kart was the brand which was really missed in the world of karting.
The first important win comes right after. In 1976 Gianfranco Baroni won the Italian Championship in the category reserved for shifter karts. But this was only the first of a series of wins that built and kept "the myth" up to the achievement of 118 national titles all over the world (Japan, Hong Kong, USA, just to name a few), 1 24 hours of Le Mans, 2 European titles and, most of all, 3 World Championships.

A long list of trophies gained thanks to the kart performances but also to all drivers who believed in the potential of the brand. Among these, many have met All Kart as very young drivers and then made the history of motorsport. Like Jacques Villeneuve, who had his first races as a kid with All Kart and reached the Formula 1 when he was very young ending up winning a World Championship; or like Jarno Trulli, a driver with more or less 250 races in Formula 1 who won 3 100cc Italian championships (1988, 1989, 1990) and, most of all, the CIK-FIA World championship in 1991 on an All Kart/Parilla. A title that brought Trulli very close to the Formula 1 world and established the brand All Kart as one of the best kart brands all over the world.

But the one in 1991 was not the first World Championship for the Italian company. In 1981 Michael Vacirca won the CIK Junior World Championship in Magadino (Locarno) track driving an All Kart. In 1988 Peter Rydell won the World Cup for shifter karts with an All Kart/Pavesi. Speaking about international wins, in 1990 All Kart won also two European titles with the Dutch driver Ealter Van Lent in the ICC category and with the Italian driver Fabiano Belletti in the Formula A category. Without forgetting the success in the 1989 24 Hours of Le Mans, which was won by the Cariget-Schwab-Stoll-Hurel team, or the two Italian titles won by Alessandro Piccini, one of the biggest driver in the kart world. And also the Italian title in the cadet category won in 1991 by Thomas Biagi, who would have archived two FIA GT World Championships later on (2003-2007).


All Kart was an important launch pad to the careers of many drivers who later become protagonists in Formula 1, FIA GT and many more motorsport categories.

And motorcycling is not the exception. Valentino Rossi, one of the all-time greatest motorcycle champions, started his career on a go-kart and, more precisely, on an All Kart.


A series of wins, trophies and young champions which lead All Kart to the karting elite also from the commercial point of view, with a peak of 1,360 chassis sold in one year with only two models on catalogue: the 100cc sold all over the world and the 125cc sold only in Europe.